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Individual Family Tuition

CBC Individual Family Tuition Program

This new program recognizes that each family is different, with different circumstances.  Let us work with you to determine what it would cost for your son to attend CBC.  In order to start this process, please contact Jim Brockman. As part of this program, we will:

1.) Conduct a Scholarship Program review for your son.

2.) Guide you through the Financial Needs Assessment Process.

3.) Work with you to provide a range of tuition you could expect for your family.

4.) Help select the payment option that fits your family the best.

 Click Here To Contact Jim Brockman


Tuition Needs Assessment

In order to be considered for an additional LaSallian Education Grant or the Individual Family Tuition Program, a family must apply using the TADS Tuition Needs Assessment.  CBC uses Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, a third-party company, to help determine the amount each family is eligible to receive through the Individual Family Tuition Program. The process is conducted anonymously by Blackbaud, a company utilized by many private and independent schools to assess the tuition needs of families. Learn more about this process by contacting Sue Hoffman in our Finance office or by visiting the Blackbaud website. 

 Click Here To visit Blackbaud or to start your tuition needs assessment.

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