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CBC Showcase Night & Kickoff Party

This on-campus event for the Class of 2029 offers Parent/Guardians and their son a chance to get an inside look at the programs, opportunities, and experiences offered at CBC.  Choose 4 topics from the menu listed below.  We will highlight the top elements of each program you select in a 15-minute presentation..  After, join us for apps, beverages, and great conversation with the program representatives!  Activities will be available for members of the Class of 2029.

Academic Program


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

College Credit Options

Esports Program

Faith Formation Program

Fine & Performing Arts

General Q&A

Academic Support

Leadership Program

Scholarships/Individual Family Tuition Program

STEM Academy


This Program is by RSVP Only! 

Registration is now OPEN.  CLICK HERE

We are available to schedule your attendance at a Showcase.   

Call (314) 985-6095


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