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CBC 8th Grade Official Visit Program

CBC’s Official Visit Program is unlike any program you have experienced (including your previous visits to CBC).  This program is all about YOU and getting to learn more about the programs, activities, and experiences in which you are most interested.  You will participate in Experience CBC Classes designed especially for 8th grade students. You will meet with one of our outstanding student ambassadors, attend one of his classes, and have a delicious lunch with him. During the CBC Explore Period, you will have the opportunity to meet with teachers, coaches, and program moderators to gather detailed information about the things in which you are interested.  We truly believe this provides a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a student at CBC and allows you to witness the brotherhood and camaraderie our students experience every day.


This Program is by RSVP Only!

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or reach out to us directly.

We are available to schedule your appointment.   

Call (314) 985-6095


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