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"Throughout my years at CBC I started to notice that it became more than just a school - it became my home. The people here became my second family. CBC became the place in my life where there were no boundaries. I wasn't labeled as 'a guy who played football' or 'a guy who did theater'. My friends always accepted me and encouraged me. I will be forever grateful."

- Percy Brown '17


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"Looking back on my time at CBC I can definitely say that the experiences I have been through and the people I have met have made me a more open, more accepting, kinder person."

- Matt Schulz ‘17

CBC can be best described by the crowds that we partake in throughout our four years here. We begin our years unsure of whether to sit or stand, whether to yell or remain quiet; we look to the upperclassmen and our peers for support. Eventually, though, we find ourselves at the front of the crowd yelling at the top of our lungs, confident to speak our mind and cheer on our Brothers. The truth to this analogy lies in what perhaps we have realized in ourselves: A transition into confident individuals ready to face life head-on."

Aaron Heienickle '20

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"I have learned about Brotherhood here at CBC. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime, memories that I will never forget, and people who will be with me forever."

-Payton Indelicato ’14


The credits I earned at CBC gave me a head start in college.  I'm graduating in three years, which saves me a year of tuition and living expenses.  On top of that, I already have a job offer when I graduate."

Dave Geerling '14

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The final show of our senior year was really emotional for us, because we'd become a family.  I learned so much from the the Theatre Program, but what I love most is the relationships I formed.

I'm so glad I got involved!"

Devon Deval-Admire '18

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